Hire Alice Goldfuss

Update: I am happily employed! I’m leaving this post up as a template for others.

I’m Alice Goldfuss, a Senior SRE/Infra/Systems engineer with years of experience working on high-throughput platforms at scale. I’ve been part of the larger tech community since 2015, and have driven industry-wide conversations around infrastructure design, incident response, on-call rotations, and team workflows. I’m a big believer in building tech that serves real user needs without burning out the engineers creating it.

My specialties are containers, edge engineering, performance tuning, and systems programming. I’m great at taking existing platforms and scaling them up to be more reliable, secure, and performant. I love digging into kernel crashes and obscure network bugs. If you’re looking for someone to dive into odd infra behavior and write a detailed report of findings and recommendations, I’m your engineer.

And I’m on the market!

If you’re looking for experienced talent to grow your large platform, I’d love to chat. I have a link at the end of this post to schedule a time, but first let me outline some requirements:

Location: Remote or in Portland, OR (remote preferred)
Employment type: Full-time employee
Organization: Engineering

Some topics I’ll want to discuss with you:

  • What is the mission of this team?
  • Where do you think I can do the most good?
  • What problems will this team be tackling over the next 6 months?
  • Am I replacing someone on the team or is the team growing?
  • What is this team most proud of?
  • What are the on-call responsibilities of this team?
  • What is the makeup of this team? Will I be the only woman?
  • Are there any women in my reporting chain?
  • What is your interview process like?
  • What is your hiring timeline for this position?

I have been on sabbatical learning new skills and reading good books. I’m looking for the right position and eager to explore opportunities.

If you think we’re a match, please schedule some time on my calendar to talk!

Alice Goldfuss

Alice Goldfuss
Alice Goldfuss is a systems punk with years of experience working on cutting-edge container platforms. She’s an international speaker who enjoys building modern infrastructure at-scale and streaming Capture the Flag challenges on the weekends.

Alice has written articles, consulted on publications, built communities, and sipped many cups of tea. She hasn’t written a book, but you’ve probably read her tweets (@alicegoldfuss).

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