2018 Year in Review

2018, the year that felt like ten. Time hopped and jogged and stood still, twisted me all around, chewed me up and spat me out with every horrible update of the news cycle.

Still, this year wasn’t all bad! I gave my first keynote, saw some of my code open-sourced, and attended a Frida Kahlo exhibit at the V&A. I started my year with istio and kernel crashes, progressed to large Kubernetes cluster operations, and finished by starting a new perf project. I traveled, gardened, donated, baked, wrote, danced, built a CPU out of logic gates for funzies, and sipped tea. I ended up on this weird HuffPost list. And, oh yeah, I went through a teensy acquisition.

Photo of small water lily pads in foreground, large lily pads in mid-ground, and a large glasshouse in the background.

The New York Botanical Garden

In my 2017 review post, I said I wanted to do more lower level systems work, technical talks, and leisure reading. I’ve done that. For 2019, I’d like to find a balance between sharing my excitement over learning new things and broadcasting my already-considerable technical knowledge. I’m very bad at self-advertisement.

And now, some lists.

Talks given

  1. The Lead Dev London (keynote)
  2. Nike HQ
  3. Portland DevOpsDays (emcee)
  4. Velocity NY

Concerts attended

  1. Lorde
  2. Janelle Monae
  3. Lizzo

Stage photo of Lorde being lifted and carried by a small group of dancers underneath a large projected display of five lighted panels fanned out. The panels are displaying a broken up image of a ship at sea.


Magazine articles written

  1. They Know Where You Live

Books enjoyed

  1. Linux Kernel Development - great tour (albeit slightly outdated) of the kernel and operating systems in general
  2. The Broken Earth Trilogy - expertly-crafted scifi about an enslaved people and a broken world
  3. The Power - Inglourious Basterds for women, best applied after remembering Brett Kavanaugh exists
  4. So You Want to Talk About Race - you might think you don’t need to read this, but you’re wrong
  5. The Lovely Bones - do you like to cry?

Whiteboard with an ALU drawn on it in green marker. The ALU is made up of different logic gate symbols.


YouTube series consumed

  1. It’s Alive!
  2. Anime Crimes Division
  3. Binging with Babish

Best tweet, according to Twitter Analytics

Best tweet, according to me

Some numbers

  • 1 - tarantulas held
  • 5 - carnivorous plants tended
  • 7 - jars of homemade pickles currently in my fridge
  • 9 - scones eaten (estimated)
  • 23 - gifts donated by the PDX DevOps community to the NAYA holiday drive

Alice Goldfuss

Alice Goldfuss
Alice Goldfuss is a systems punk currently helping GitHub run their cutting-edge container platform. She loves kernel crashes, memory design, and performance hacks. :rainbow: :floppy_disk: :octocat:

Alice has consulted on some books (Docker: Up & Running, Effective DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering vol 2), presented at some conferences (SREcon, Velocity, Container Summit), and run some others (LISA17, DevOps Days Portland). You can follow her on Twitter :bird: (@alicegoldfuss), but you’ll probably regret it.

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