One of the most powerful concepts in programming is branching, which most new programmers learn as If-Else statements. This approachable logic flow makes it easy to navigate choices and is present in nearly every codebase out there. In some languages there is a variation of this logic flow called a case statement (or switch statement), which is a cleaner way of dealing with many If-Else sequences.

However, there is yet another variation that, when used in the right circumstances, can make your code more elegant and your program more performant: the function dispatch table.

2018, the year that felt like ten. Time hopped and jogged and stood still, twisted me all around, chewed me up and spat me out with every horrible update of the news cycle.

Have you been trying to profile your Kubernetes applications with perf? Maybe you want to see what all the FlameGraphs fuss is about? If your version of Docker was upgraded within the last year, you’ll likely run into issues.

Despite working in tech with an engineering title, my only degree is a BFA in Film and Animation. While some schools emphasize critique in their film programs, mine was more technical and hands-on. That meant I was shooting 16mm film by my second week, organizing set crews by my second quarter, and did everything from directing commercials to writing my own imaging codecs.

It’s also how I learned about foot-candles.

I have a tradition of writing down my accomplishments from the past year and sticking them on the wall in my favorite depression zone-out corner to comfort me in the winter.

This year, I thought I would share the results. It’s a nice way for people to catch up with my recent shenanigans, as well as a chance for me to categorize and reflect on the parts I liked the most and would like to continue in the new year.

Perhaps adopting this tradition will help you, too.